Our professional jeweler will meet with you, review the damage, assess the repair and discuss what will be required for completion with you. (You can even watch the jeweler perform the repairs).

FREE Cleaning and Inspections!
Performing regular cleaning and inspections by a professional is not only a good idea, it provides the assurance of a professional’s eye for monitoring the wear and damage on your jewelry. Early detection of problems will provide you years of enjoyment for your jewelry.

Jewelry repairs are completed on the SAME DAY (whenever possible and as time permits).

Estimates are given upon physical review – VISIT US!!!

Jewelry Mounting
• Head Set (1 ct) $45.00
• Head Set (2 ct) $80.00

Prong Retipping
People do not think about “prong re-tipping”. The wear and tear on jewelry will thin out the prongs holding onto your precious gems. This could lead to costly gem/stone replacements. Ask about prong retipping….
• Rebuild Prong $10.00
• Retip Prong $8.00

• Replace Posts $30.00
• Change to Screwbacks $45.00

SAME DAY ring resizing as time and materials permit.
• Size Down $25.00
• Size Up $34.99
• 2 Sizes Up $45.99
• Half Shank $65.00
• Chain and Ring Break $20.00
• Solder 2 rings together$25.00

Necklace & Bracelet Repair
Pearl Restringing
Stone Replacement
We can replace all kinds of stones in any setting!!!

• Battery Replacement $10.99
• Crystal Replacement
• Stem & Crown Repair
• Band Replacement
• Engraving
• Cleaning & Inspection

If you have any question concerning orders, pick-ups or prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.